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IWS Combative Arts

I.W.S. Combative Arts Adult Program


-Throughout my life, I have trained in several different martial arts systems and styles, and it is in my opinion that each discipline, although some remain more well rounded than others, truly specializes in and masters one area of martial training. It has been my life's goal to seek out these arts which hold mastery over the four facets (weapons, striking, trapping, grappling) of genuine combat (not sport fighting), learn them separately and in their entirety, and when a true understanding of their philosophy and ability to use these arts was achieved, embrace their blend. I do not teach a "new" system of martial arts. I teach the styles and systems I was taught with my understanding of how to bind and seperate them. You can call what I teach Gung fu, Muay Thai, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, etc. It is those arts in their pure traditional form and it is also their hybrid, taking the form of whichever one is needed in regards to when it is called. The IWS curriculum is a result of my Sifus, Sensei, Kru, and Guru. It is their knowledge and willingness to instruct me and support of my mission that has made this academy a reality. IWS is simply a blend of all that I know: What I was trained in, how I was trained in it, and what I've become. -Doug Matina, Chief Instructor

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